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Fraga Properties is actively seeking opportunities to acquire either individual or portfolios of retail investment properties with a primary focus of supermarket anchored neighborhood shopping centers.


With extensive national contacts Fraga Properties is able to maximize its Tenant mix on all their properties. Their ability to pre-lease developments through these contacts helps ensure minimal risk on their new projects.


The key to a successful investment is proper management. Having a sophisticated back office support team, combined with a hands on approach, Fraga Properties monitors all of its properties to maximize its investment. Being responsive to its Tenant’s needs along with having the ability to identify issues before they occur, enables Fraga roperties to maintain occupancy levels with minimal turnover.


Fraga Properties specializes in developing properties that meet the need of the local communities. Identifying properties located at strategic intersections has enabled Fraga Properties to provide local communities with projects that enhance their quality of life. Working with the citizens of local communities and addressing their concerns helps to ensure they are well received within the community and lends to the overall success of the project.


Identifying properties that need repositioning within their markets is becoming more important within the industry. As populations shift, once thriving properties are being out positioned by newer, more vibrant areas. These properties have a built-in customer base. The ability to see beyond the existing facilities and identifying the potential through re-tenanting, putting on a new look or even tearing down the existing buildings are ways to bring new life to these properties. The team at Fraga Properties have been successful at this for over 20 years and are always looking for new opportunities as they present themselves.

Our Clients

Fraga Properties through its relationships is able to maximize its Tenant mix on all their properties.
The ability to pre-lease developments through our extensive National contacts helps ensure minimal risk on the projects allowing delivery of first class developments and long-term success.